Secure Delete

We wrote this program to ensure that when we visit our clients, or they visit us, if source code needs to be installed on a computer for testing it can be removed in such a way that even if the file can be recovered, the contents are nonsense. This provides our customers with the confidence that we respect their non-disclosure agreements and provide tools to ensure this.

This program allows you to specify a directory (and optionally all subdirectories) in which all files should be deleted. When each file is deleted the contents of the file are filled with random data prior to deleting the file.

Important Note. This program does not meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Defence, and probably does not meet U.K. Ministry of Defence quidelines on secure deletion of data. If in doubt, investigate this area yourself.

Use this program with care, once you've deleted data using this program you will have little chance of the recovering the data.

This program is provided with source code. If you find any bugs with this program, please let us know: bugs@objmedia.demon.co.uk.

You use this program at your own risk. Object Media will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from using this program or a derivative of this program.

Download the source.

Download the executable and the common files installer.

Information about using the program can be found on the help page.

Last Updated 7 February, 2008.

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