Repetitive Strain Injury is also known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder. The acronyms are RSI and WRULD.

During 1993 Object Media's founding Director had a very bad case of RSI, to the point where he could no longer drive his car safely (changing gear and turning the steering wheel were too painful), turn taps in comfort or even hold a pint of beer in one hand.

Recovering from RSI is a slow and time consuming process, involving exercise to correct posture problems and restore muscle strength, followed by a change in attitude to how certain tasks are tackled, or if they are tackled at all.

This web page will be updated with information in the coming weeks that will describe activities that can reduce the likelihood that a person will suffer from RSI, and which will contribute to the improving health of any person that suffers from RSI.

Any advice given on this page must be followed with the strict understanding that these pages are not a source of medical advice, and is only a source of advice gained through the Director's own recovery from RSI. Before using any exercise consult with your physician or physiotherapist. Object Media and its staff will not be responsible for any injury sustained whilst following any advice on this website.

List of exercises and background to RSI

Recommended physiotherapist:
The Bury Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic,
The Bury St Edmunds Nuffield Hospital,
St Mary's Square,
IP33 2AA.
Tel: (+44) 1284 748200

Object Media have no association with this physiotherapist, other than they were responsible for the Director's recovery from RSI, and the resumption of his career, leading to the founding of Object Media Limited.

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